About Us

We are a friendly, family owned and run traditional drinks business based on the banks of The White Cart Water in Glasgow. The company was born from our desire to deliver great tasting Gin & Tonics made from natural botanical ingredients.

We started making tonic syrups in 2014 after a trip to London introduced us to traditional tonic, it was so much tastier than the mainstream options and made a different class of G&T. We wanted to share our natural botanical flavours but in a way that reduces carbon footprint and minimises shipping cost.

Our mission is to help you make your own premium soft drinks and cocktail mixers using our interesting, innovative and eco-friendly methods. We produce Proper Drink bags packed with raw botanicals that arrive through your letterbox for you to infuse into drink syrups. This approach gives you total control over the sugar content or to use a choice of sweeteners. This is a big advantage for those wishing to cut the calories in their drinks.

Who is Montgomery Donald?

When looking for a distinct brand for our different drinks business my eyes landed on Monty our 15 year old Border Terrier. He looked the epitome of a Victorian gentleman with the addition of a top hat and large moustache was the perfect mascot. Montgomery Donald's was born. Sadly Monty died during our pre-launch phase but the business has become his legacy. 

Fresh Natural Botanical Drinks

Montgomery Donald’s Proper Drinks are made from natural botanical ingredients for a great fresh taste.

Our drinks can be used for so much more than your standard soft drinks. Add fizzy water for premium sodas or use the syrups in cocktails for exciting taste sensations.

A Brand New Drink Experience

Our drinks give you so much more than pulling a ring pull or unscrewing a bottle.

We put you in control of your soft drinks. Sweeten with your favourite sweetener to get the tastiest soft drink your diet allows. Diabetics and weight watchers can sweeten with stevia, monk fruit or even Xylitol for zero calorie soft drinks and mixers.

We Strive to be Eco-friendly

Montgomery Donald’s Proper drinks are delivered in the most eco-friendly way possible. We use reusable, compostable and recyclable materials. Because we only ship the raw ingredients we help reduce the carbon footprint of your drinks.

We are Proud to be Different

There’s only one Montgomery Donald’s. We are the only drinks company that delivers raw botanical blends for you to infuse into drink syrups at home.