The search for simple sweetness

Regular Sugar Simple Syrup

We are big fans of using natural cane sugar because it adds an extra flavour dimension. 

We use 2 parts sugar to 1 part water. 

For the small tonic kit we would recommend using 200g of sugar to 120ml of water (double the quantities for the larger kit). 

Dissolve sugar in water over medium heat until sugar is completely dissolved. Allow to cool. Transfer to a container and refrigerate.

Healthy Alternatives

If you are concerned about the calories in your drinks or you are trying to avoid the negative nutritional effects of consuming regular sugar we have sourced some alternative simple syrup recipes for you to make your Proper Tonic cordial with.


Xylitol is one of the better artificial sweeteners for cooking with but it doesn't dissolve easily so take care to follow these instructions to make Xylitol Simple Syrup.

We suggest using 2 parts Xylitol to 1 part water. For the small tonic kit we would recommend using 200g of Xylitol to 120ml of water (double the quantities for the larger kit). 

Place your 2:1 ratio of Xylitol and water into a pot. Heat on med-high stirring regularly until it comes to a boil. Reduce your heat to medium, keep the mix hot enough to constantly simmering. Simmer for 5 minutes.

Set aside to cool completely before transferring to a container of your choice. If the Xylitol separates while cooling, return to a boil and simmer for 1-3 minutes.


Agave nectar tastes similar to honey, and has a much lower glycemic index and more sweetness than regular sugar. It is a good alternative for vegans who are concerned with consuming honey, as it derives from a plant. You can purchase agave nectar in the light, amber, and dark varieties. We recommend the lighter varieties as it has less of a caramel flavour.

We suggest adding 1 part Agave nectar to 1 part water to make Agave Simple Syrup. For the small tonic kit we would recommend using 120ml of Agave with 120ml of water (double the quantities for the larger kit). 

Combine water and agave in a medium saucepan. Stir. Heat on medium-high heat until it just starts to simmer. Remove from heat. Let cool at room temperature. Transfer to a container and store in refrigerator for up to one month.


If you aren’t opposed to eating honey, then this sweetener may be a more convenient alternative, as you probably already have honey in your kitchen. A number of drinks call for honey, but it could be used as a simple syrup substitute as well. Honey has fewer calories than refined sugar, and contains a small amount of vitamins. The best part about honey? It’s the only food in existence that doesn’t go bad.

Mix ½ tablespoon with ¾ tablespoon boiling water, and stir until dissolved as a replacement for simple syrup.

We suggest adding 1 part Honey to 1 1/2 parts water to make Honey Simple Syrup. For the small tonic kit we would recommend using 100ml of Honey with 150ml (double the quantities for the larger kit).

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