I’ve made some changes

It seems that updates are like busses. Nothing happens for ages and then they all come at once.

I have dropped the Proper Tonic sub-brand.

The Proper Tonic brand was born when I was planning to launch cinchona bark tonic infusions packed with natural quinine from the fever tree. It was Proper Tonic!

However, when searching for UK suppliers I discovered that it was listed under the 1977 Controlled Herbs act. Selling cinchona in its raw form, without prescription was against the law! I was forced to change plans and had to completely reformulate my recipes using a new, legal source of bitterness.

Proper Tonic stayed with me as a brand but it didn't sit right and started to constrain business growth. Not all of my botanical blends were “tonics” and depending on your stance on quinine none were strictly "proper" any more.

Also I felt there were too many brands for a small business to manage.

I have revised my flavour names to be clearer

When I launched I gave our flavours fluffy whimsical names. Some were more successful than others but none really described the flavours. This added another layer of complexity so I took the decision to change the names and simplify the branding.

I sought the help of our favourite drinks master, Alexander Riches (from Glasgow's amazing St Lukes and Amsterdam fame) to assess the flavours so I could name them clearly.

The revised flavour names are:

  • Distiller's Delight is now Citrus Tonic
  • Lavenderlicious is now Original Tonic
  • In The Pink is now Rose & Hibiscus Tonic
  • All Things Nice is now Ginger & Orange Ale

I’ve Launched a New Flavour - Cherry Pop

It’s been sitting on my back burner for far too long but I am delighted to announce the launch of my new flavour: Cherry Pop.

Described by Alexander Riches thus: “An initial soft aroma develops into a fully flavoured long lasting cherry bomb on the palate. A flavoursome soft drink. A great all rounder with gin, vodka, rum or bourbon.”

It’s certainly a firm favourite here.

I am also finalising a couple of new flavours for summer 2021, a pair of traditional botanical classics for you to enjoy.

New, Faster Making Methods

Hot Botanical Infusions

It doesn’t work for all of our flavours but I was inspired to investigate hot infusion methods for faster results, particularly for Ginger & Orange Ale and Cherry Pop. Both can be made into delicious syrups in about an hour using a quick boil and cool method. Instructions can be found on my new How To Make page on the website - https://www.montgomerydonalds.co.uk/pages/how-to-make#hot-method

New Letterbox Friendly Packaging

At the end of last year I rolled out new pillow boxes which were designed to be environmentally and letterbox friendly. The design was great, almost perfect, except I screwed up a wee bit: they were a few millimeters too fat to fit through the Royal Mail’s squishing machine. It turned out that our lovely packs were getting flattened in transit.

Our revised pillow boxes are spot on height wise and are now post perfect.

Updated Website

Oh yes … I’ve also updated the website :)

I think that’s me all caught up. I will endeavour to keep you updated more often in future.



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