The finest botanical Tonic Water syrup kits

Packed with natural flavour

Perfect for mixing proper Gin & Tonics and other cocktails

  • Premium tonic water
  • All natural botanicals
  • The perfect mixer
  • Make your own
  • Spirits, cocktails, cordials

Proper Tonic is a premium make-it-yourself tonic water kit from Glasgow, Scotland

Proper Tonic is a new, different and eco-friendly way of delivering great tasting soft drinks. It enables us to deliver large quantities of tasty beverages through the post without any of the heavy liquid and excess packaging.

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What makes it 'Proper Tonic'?

We use the 19th century definition of tonic and don’t hang our flavour coat on the same old artificial tasting Indian Tonic Water peg used by the standard brands. We don’t use cinchona (quinine) in our tonic bags due to legal reasons. We find the best botanicals that deliver the taste we want. All of our botanical ingredients have health benefits as well as great flavours.

Trust us, you haven’t had a “proper” gin and tonic until you’ve experienced Proper Tonic. We’re bringing an entirely new range of taste sensations to the market. We can’t wait for you to try it!

Inspiring Fresh Flavours for any Occasion